Girls WILL buy toys, IF YOU LET THEM ENJOY THE SHOW. If you take a girl’s Batman playset out of her hand because it “isn’t for girls” you can’t turn around and say “well, I guess girls don’t like Batman because they aren’t buying Batman toys!”

7. Blossom, Bubbles, & Buttercup



From Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls.

Everyone knows the Powerpuff Girls. They may not love them, they may not be able to name them, but if they say they’ve never heard of them- five bucks says they’re lying.

These three little girls, wearing stockings and dresses and mary-janes…

cartoons that give teenage girls different body shapes!!!

featuring: total drama, danny phantom, teen titans, & the proud family










I hate comments like this. Blue Ivy is not even 3 years old yet and people are telling her to do her hair. is she suppose to have a weave or straighten it? no. her parents are embracing her natural hair and she looks adorable regardless of how her hair looks. she is a child!!!


Since when the fuck is an Afro not done? Y’all niggas better chill on that child’s hair.


Have to agree on the first comment although I will say simple ponytails and braids are natural styles that they can do to her hair, they don’t have to perm, relax or straighten her hair, when a lot of people say “do her hair” we mean a damn ponytail or a cute braid style. Just because she’s Beyonce don’t mean I’m going to agree with everything she chooses to do (or not do) You don’t see North West hair undone. #JustMyOpinion. #SorryNotSorry

What an ignorant anti black response. Do you feel powerful tearing down black children?

For the record, the majority of the pictures of North West show her hair NOT styled or “done”. You are upholding Eurocentric beauty standards and anti black racism… Congrats. North has hair similar to her mothers, so of course it stays straight on her head. Blue Ivy’s hair is natural with a tight coil pattern and the majority of the pictures that include her have her hair in specific styles. The choice to leave your hair in a natural style doesn’t mean it’s not done or professional. Both babies are beautiful and that is exactly what they are BABIES… Who the hell are they trying to impress; You? I promise you that Blue and North would consider you irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

I mean you may as well say “black hair is ugly, beyonce keeps her hair in a blonde weave why can’t she put a lace front on her child’s head and black features are ugly” because that is what you meant.

There are plenty of other things in the world to worry about…. Like ferguson, global warming, food/water supply, and why your edges just can’t seem to grow back. Have several seats and reevaluate, thanks.

- Susie

Protect Blue Ivy from anti-blackness at all costs.

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My daughter got to meet the amazing msjayjustice at Dragon Con 2014 and these ladies could not have been more friendly to her. They were very kind and Ivy was super stoked to meet them.

Anyone who doesn’t love these photos has no heart.

Your kid is named Ivy but dressed as Harley Quinn? Talk about a missed opportunity.

Lol we’ve done a poison ivy costume before for her but she loves Harley Quinn especially the Batman the Animated Series version with her accent and whacky antics.


3D Ladybug vs 2D Ladybug (ver. 2012) transformation

The Ladybug anime done by Toei Animation will launch as web-episodes in 2015 in addition to the release of the 26 episode 3D Ladybug series.

Adala-news (16 July 2014):

C’est par le biais de studio Zagtoon que nous apprenons la production d’un anime, Ladybug par le studio Toei Animation (saga One Piece, saga PreCure) !

Des web-épisodes en 2D (Toei Animation) sont prévus courant 2015, en France (internet & TV). Plus d’informations prochainement.

Et la série animée en 3D (26 épisodes – Method Animation & Zagtoon) est prévue pour Septembre 2015 sur TF1 en France & sur Disney Channel à l’international.

*This project is/was known also as Miraculous Ladybug




My daughter got to meet Jeremy Whitley author of her favorite comic Princeless. He was super nice and gave her a signed copy of a poster and signed her comic book.

princelesscomic making kid’s days. :-)

It’s the best part of doing cons!